Xtreamer TV - Your very first home page channel on tv

Your Very First Home Page Channel on TV

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Television the Xtreamer Way

Our aim with the XtreamerTV is to introduce to you a new
concept built around a media player and media streamer.
Not only XtreamerTV is one of the most capable media
players in the market, it is also focusing on the ability
to watch content without download. With an approach
totally different from what the consumers are used to in
digital media playback, as of 2013 the XtreamerTV is going
to set a new standard in the industry. Anything you saw on
media players before will look to you as old and outdated.

The device can play just about any media content
you throw at it, whether it is an HD movie,
multi-channel audio MKV or music.
The difference is that,unlike anything we have made
before, this time the device is doing many of its
functions automatically for you. The entire
navigation is built around 2 or 3 buttons on
the screen display.

Not only that we have set our goal to make the
XTV to be affordable, we provide the automatic
posters and movie description download for
any movie you copy to it, latest movie trailers
availability on the Home Screen, listing of the
the top music charts and music playback in
HD clips quality, and we also provide access to
your Gmail and local weather forecasts.

No downloads or difficult procedures are required
on XTV. The content from the Internet or any
shared folder in your local network will be
automatically scanned and added to the device
for you. With an amazing User Interface all of
this rich content from your personal media
collection and the Internet will be right there
waiting for you on your TV or your tablet or
smartphone. The XTV is your new TV homepage
channel waiting for you to zap whenever you want.
On the Go, you will be able to easily assign downloads from torrents engine using your smartphone.
So when at home you're able to enjoy your movies right away.

This device is a clear quantum leap in overcoming SDK issues that Realtek products suffered from. A year of close
development with Sigma Designs teams resulted in one of the most advanced devices ever introduced to the media players market. We even made a specially designed kids interface that should make it your best choice for media player in 2013.

xtv features


The Main screen of the device will provide a list of
the 100 latest movie trailers. You will be able to
select any of them and directly play them in HD
quality without requiring you to look around or
hassle with files.

Automatic Posters,
Movie Info & Subtitles

We have all waited for a device that will be able
to automate most of its features and functions. We
sometime cannot be bothered with looking
for posters. The content is automatuclly localized
by countries based on your language without you
doing nothing. Just Select your language and let
the device do the rest.

Live Internet

Once your device is connected to the Internet
and your language is set, you will be able to
navigate to "Online Content" where thousands
of online movies, and clips will be available for
you to directly stream and play.

Kids Interface Mode

Should you decide to allow your kids to use the
XtreamerTV on their room, we made a special new function that makes the machine to be even easier to oporate than it already is. A simple 2 button cartoon-based GUI is ready for you. Just copy all the movies you want them to see to the KIDS folder and you don't have to worry anymore about parental control.

Live Music Top Chart - HD

We found out that music playback is gaining a
higher priority in our clients preferences.
The XtreamerTV in this aspect is probably the
first device in the market that allows you to enjoy
music but at the same time be automatically
exposed to the top charts of music HD clips
ready for you to play and stream.

Automatic Folders
Scanning & Mounting

When we designed this device we assumed
the user should be less troubled with technicalities - everything possible should be done for him. Therefore the XtreamerTV will show you a list of all the devices connected to your local network (SMB, DLNA, NFS) and will automatically mount them including the full posters and movie information in your own language.

Easy On-Screen Navigation

More options on the screen means less buttons
on the remote control and more screen / function
orientation as to where and what you are doing
with your device. We have implemented a simple
"Apple style" navigation. All is coherent and
requires not more than 2 Clicks to perform an

Playback of any HD
MKV movies

The device is based on Sigma designs 8671.
There is no need to say more. It can play just about
any file we tried in our labs. Expect a super modern
media player that can play 16 ref files like a breeze.

HD Audio with 7.1 CH

DTS HD, Dolby TrueHD Bit streaming is an essential
requirement for any media player. The XtreamerTv
will allow you to enjoy your HD movies with these
formats and boost your experience with
up-to 8 speakers.

Localised News
and Sports Ticker

The XtreamerTv brings you the latest news from
your country in your language. Local news and
latest sports events are floating across your screen
as you might expect from a modern internet
media hub.

Gmail Incomming
on TV

Sometimes it is nice just to know if an important
mail has arrived. The TV is not the correct platform
to engage with mail but being notified about your
recent waiting mail in your Gmail inbox on TV will
be proven useful as you will get used to the idea
that it is there waiting for you.

Over The Air Updates
(Only with internal HDD)

Once a new Firmware is released and ready for
update, you will notice a notification on your
Home Screen settings. Just confirm, read the
release notes, and let our server upgrade your
device with more exciting functions and features. When you do not have an HDD inserted please check the forum on a regular bases. Here you can find how you can easily download on USB.

compact & minimalistic
remote control

The entire concept of the XtreamerTV is the Ease
of Use. The remote control is providing you with
just that. Simple On Screen navigation could not
happen without a proper remote control delivering
a total control of the device with intuitive design
and a perfect grip.

Direct download service
to your xtv hdd

Your XtreamerTV can serve you as a download
center. Simply login to your device from anywhere,
assign it a torrent or magnet file to download and
come back home to see the files waiting. All you
need to do is to navigate to www.xtreamertv.net

play content on your
smartphone & tablet

While many media streamers allow you to stream
movies from iPad or tablet to a TV via the device,
the xtreamer TV allows you to do that as well, but
with a revolutionary new feature developed in our
labs - the ability to stream from the Xtreamer TV
HDD or any attached storage to the tablets. Up-to
6 devices at the same time, in HD quality. Imagine
your iPad all of a sudden not be limited
anymore to its pre-installed memory, but rather
has 1 or 2 Tera-bytes of content to play from.

Automatic bug reporting

A modern Media Center, aimed to operate in so
many markets and user environments may require
some debugging along the way. We are proud to
introduce a new revolutionary function built-in
on XtreamerTV. The device will automatically
broadcast any errors in file playback to our
servers so our R&D will be able to react with a
quick update/patch over the air.

Quick launcher

Sometime it is nice to be able to easily navigate
from one function to other without clicking
too many clicks. The Quick Launcher is designed
just for that. Simply long press the
OK button on the device remote control and you
will be able to select any of the device ever
expanding feature.

ongoing future
firmware updates

We have every intention to develop the device
firmware and add even more functions and
features. We introduce to you Over-the-Air
updates. It means that you will sometime see
on the device settings menu an indication that
a new Firmware was downloaded to your device
already and is ready to be installed. Read the
release notes and enjoy the new goodies. The
XtreamerTV is going to be the best media player
and streamer the market ever saw.

xtv screenshots


Streamer &
Media Player


223 gr




December 12,

full specification